Thursday, June 01, 2006

You are such a Trader.

Duluth Trading is a bright idea that began with former tradesmen, builders and carpenters back in 1991. The first catalog, under the heading of "Job Tough, Job Smart," offered 8 pages and 9 products dedicated to improving and expanding on existing methods of tool storage, organization and transport. The first outpost that could be called a headquarters was a refurbished barge on the waterfront of Lake Superior in the shipping district of Duluth, Minnesota.
Duluth Trading Catalogs In the beginning, Duluth Trading products were field tested on job sites by a grizzly bunch of construction workers, dock hands, cycle riders, old hippies and other hard-as-nails yahoos. If those guys couldn't break it, we added it to our line. Today, we call these guys our Panel of Tradesmen, but they still do the same thing: use, abuse and improve our products by testing them in real-world conditions. Even as you read this, some of them may be testing out an upcoming Duluth item as they frame a new house, demolish a dysfunctional kitchen or bend down to see what’s up with a drip-drip-drippy sink.
Today they are based out of Belleville, Wisconsin. Click here for your chance to order a Duluth Trading Company catalog and to see the extensive items available and interact with a great American company.


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